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Friday, July 30, 2021
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MDTV Select Urologist Carson Wong, MD educates patient about the prostate.

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July 30, 2021

56 TV stations have Joined the Cause
National MDTVNews.com - Every Doctor should apply to be MDTV Select and ALL people deserve to have MDTV available in their TV broadcast market.
The time to Improve Health is NOW


NATIONAL (MDTVNews.com) -- MDTV® Medical News Now, Inc., a patient advocacy and medical communications multimedia group, is determined to improve quality of care for patients and medical communications to the public. MDTV® is calling for all doctors nationwide to become MDTV Select® and take a unified stance to better educate the public via The MDTV® Broadcast Phenomenon national campaign and that can include thier participation in controlling certain editorial sections of MDTVNews.com. This plan, which is licensed through MDTV or local MDTV® authorized broadcast stations, offers MDTV Select® medical professionals the opportunity to deliver true Direct-To-Consumer-Education (DTCE).

The MDTV national campaign offers local medical professionals the multimedia tools and infrastructure to unite in leadership and education in an effort to improve quality of care for patients and medical communications to the public. With a nine-year track record, this proven MDTV® system also results in the media taking responsibility for exposing only sound and proven medical information, non-biased physician evaluations, improved leadership and patient education on the local level, increased public awareness through interactive community resources, and heightened patient safety and satisfaction. Implementation of The MDTV® Broadcast Phenomenon campaign steers the public to doctors who have been deemed MDTV Select®, a quality doctor certification program that raises the standard of patient care through Direct-To-Consumer-Education (DTCE) nationwide, community by community. Paul G. Argen, CEO and Executive Producer of MDTV® Medical News Now and Medical Media Image Consultant says, "Up until the NATIONAL but LOCAL penetration of our MDTV DTCE assets which include but are not limited to MDTV Medical News Now (the TV show), the locally customized medical messages, and MDTVNews.com, many GREAT doctors have not embraced or reached out to their public because other options would have them perceived as an advertiser or "biased spokesperson". If they participate on a medical news TV program that is non MDTV that venue does not give them the deserved control as TRUTHFUL EXPERTS in their field. The media then takes control of the spin. With MDTV® Medical News Now and MDTVNews.com and the MDTV Select® status ( a doctors pledge of TRUTHFUL leadership and education in his community), they (the DOCTORS)now have the the control and voice to be properly positioned as leaders, educators, and local resources to the community".

LOCAL BROADCAST STATIONS TAKE A STANCE AND BECOME MDTV SELECT® AFFILIATES The American Medical Media Responsibility and Compliance Authority (AMMRCA.org) and MDTV® Medical News Now, Inc. utilize its content on major media properties to bring forth the voice of local MDTV Select® doctors in the spirit of Direct-To-Consumer-Education (DTCE). To accomplish this, MDTV® and the AMMRCA are delivering to broadcast stations MDTV Select® designation, brand use licensing, and a guaranteed comprehensive multi media plan to finally instill action in each and every TV broadcast community by enabling the Select Doctors with the "reach" and frequency neccessary to deliver THE DOCTORS' professionally toned Medical Message. To date 56 broadcast stations nationwide have already joined the cause with MDTV and together, they are searching for doctors who qualify as MDTV Select and wish to deliver their unique medical messages with a guest appearance on MDTV® Medical News Now Specials throughout 2007 and constant communication with thier community on MDTVNews.com.

Speaking on the fraud in advertising (especially false medical claims),Federal Trade Commission Chairman, Deborah Platt Majoras said, "...the media, as well as marketers, need to be part of the solution [before the FTC takes regulatory action]". Majoras said, "When the FTC takes action, we will try to ensure that all available assets go to pay back consumers, not to pay past due advertising accounts". Argen explains, "The American Medical Media Responsibility and Compliance Authority (AMMRCA.org) with its MDTV Select® evaluation and certification program is the solution for all QUALIFIED DOCTORS and media to embrace. It automatically delivers the message on a "trusted canvas". Doctors who have earned the MDTV Select® mark of distinction volunteer to be scrutinized and have passed a non-biased, third-party evaluation and background check conducted by the AMMRCA. MDTV Select® doctors pledge a commitment to medical excellence, leadership, patient education, and patient satisfaction. Watch MDTV below

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