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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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 Share your FACE
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May 19, 2019

7/24/2015 8:00:00 AM
Donald Trump and Anderson Cooper Get Slapped with Shoutout From PTSDFaces.org
Place The PTSD Faces on Your Website TODAY
The PTSDFaces TV Channel is available free of charge to air on any media or company web portal. Please call 973-632-1906 to request a customized embed code for your site. It comes complete with your company or TV Station banner.

Thousands of Individual backers  (see Kickstarter Rewards) are needed to give $25 and actively participate in our PTSDFaces.org community.

Workforce groups are urged to subscribe to PTSDFaces.org to better understand the needs of their co-workers who face PTSD, albeit a Soldier, Rape victim or any Trauma.

We all need to help save lives today. 

Paul G. Argen
CEO/Executive Producer

Donald Trump and Anderson Cooper get a SHOUT OUT and each are asked to back in solidarity  $222 or more at PTSDFaces.com to help support our troops who come home alive. Their $222 will reward public awareness and community support of 10 people who Face PTSD at PTSDFaces.org on their behalf. It's time to keep politics out and show all the people who they serve (Trumps voters and CNN viewers) that PTSD can only be battled with additional public support and awareness from  PTSDFaces.org as the government cannot do it alone.

While both Trump and Cooper demonstrate opposite political views, they have the Freedom to speak (with a capital "F") and that right continues because of those who served our country in war. Some of our heroes were fortunate to come home alive and they need our help now (see video when our soldiers come home alive) . "Last night Trump and Cooper battled over authenticity of polls and their acquired public trust but one thing they should not fight over is the civilian lives of our soldiers or anyone who faces PTSD" said Paul G Argen, executive producer of the PTSD Faces TV Show. 
The faces of PTSD (PTSDFaces.org) need help from both Trump and Cooper now along with their public outcry, support and awareness. The crisis at stake is immense and time is running out (August 17th). The Government gave a statistic in 2012 that 22 soldiers a day commit suicide and today we find that the number may have risen. It's really sad to find out that it may actually be 75 lives are lost each day and without argument from any political side PTSD is a factor. 
Readers of this message, including the media, are urged to act now by sending this SHOUT OUT to everyone they know and let's get Trump and Cooper on notice to give their support at PTSDFaces.org now. PTSDFaces.org will receive Trump and Cooper with open arms with no politics at stake just lives.  

Please read today's message from Cherissa Jackson, Founder of PTSDFaces.org. Cherissa is available now through August 17 to speak or appear in the media to share more on this current crisis and the importance of a United Force to help save lives through PTSDFaces.org. Any of her PTSDFaces.org Public Awreness Content is available to air and help spread the word. See Links Below... When our Soldiers Come Home Alive.....
About PTSDFaces.org :

From the PTSD Face of Cherissa Jackson: Today, I’m reminded of the Marvin Gaye’s classic hit “What’s Goin’ On”.  I’m realizing that there’s either one or two ideas in the minds and hearts of the general public about PTSD.  One, America is choosing to not recognize that this condition is prevalent enough that public awareness is needed to foster change. Or Two, America is not sympathetic or empathetic about the statistics that states 22 soldiers commit suicide and PTSD is factor.  Many believe this number is higher and if so, “What’s goin’on” America that support is not flooding in to support PTSDFaces.com?  “What’s goin’ on” that soldiers are choosing to take their lives because that’s their way to surcome to the daunting  symptoms of hopelessness, defeat, anger, and fear from PTSD?  “What’s goin’ on” that America hears and sees the effects of PTSD and we turn our backs on the ones that fought to protect us and put their lives on the line?  I refuse to believe that “America” the home of the free and brave can’t rally behind the PTSDFaces kick starter and help us reach out goal of $222K to help save lives.  We are tearing down the stigma of what PTSD has been and have chosen to recreate our own definition of PTSD.  PTSD: Purposeful Transformation to Secure your Destiny is our definition at PTSDFaces.org.  Let’s help survivors and warriors of PTSD transform and secure their destiny to be great. We need much more than Likes. We need active support at PTSDFaces.com with our kick starter campaign TODAY!

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