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Thursday, November 22, 2018
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November 22, 2018

7/28/2015 8:00:00 AM
Veteran with PTSD Speaks Out:
A LOUD SHOUT OUT to the White House.
Will the Nation support us to get our lives back?
Why Support PTSD Faces?
I trust and believe the Nation along the President and The First Family will not let us down…. the time is now, before August 17th. Please Support and Join the cause at PTSDFaces.org , we need YOUR Support and Backing of $25.”
  • Veteran Affairs released in 2012 that 22 soldiers commit suicide and PTSD is a factor.  
  • There is evidence that the number is quickly rising and PTSD Faces can help now.
  • PTSD Faces is a one of a kind TV Channel that showcases brave soldiers coping with PTSD. 
  • PTSDFaces.org will be and active community of media, patients, advocates, corporate, government and associations who come together as affiliates to help support PTSD Survivors and bring public awareness.   



Cherissa Jackson, Founder and survivor of PTSD. 

Paul Argen, Executive Producer and CEO of MDTV Inc. 


By MDTVNews with Cherissa Jackson
Founder: PTSDFaces.org



MDTVNews gets answers from Cherissa Jackson, a Veteran with PTSD who speaks out and delivers A LOUD SHOUT OUT to the WhiteHouse. 

Will the Nation support us to get our lives back?

“PTSD Soldiers need their help and support specifically on PTSDFaces.org.  We put our lives on the line to protect the Nation. Please Support and Join the cause at PTSDFaces.org”  

I trust and believe the Nation along the President and The First Family will not let us down…. the time is now, before August 17th. Please Support and Join the cause at PTSDFaces.org , we need YOUR Support and $25.”

Why did you start PTSDFaces.org and what is the goal? 

The common thread I’ve found in many of my colleagues coping with this disorder is a sense of loneness and that the Nation has forgotten them.  Many dealing with PTSD are unemployed, substance and drug abusers, divorce, angry, fearful, suicidal, and uncertain of their future.  My goal with PTSDFaces.org is to bring awareness to PTSD and change treatment with proven options, provide hope, and inspiration to PTSD Survivors and their families.  

WHY do you decide to come out and profile yourself on PTSD Faces?

PTSDFaces.org captures my candid, authentic, and genuine recollection of my journey with this disorder.  The hope is that other brave warriors or anyone affected by PTSD will do the same. The Nation should take a stand on this topic.  America wants to hear how PTSD soldiers are managed and treated.  

Why is PTSD Faces so important today and how is it different?

I was recently featured in “Prevention Magazine” and “Forbes Magazine” describing my challenges and how I used exercise, meditation and prayer to cope with my PTSD. The voice that i was given not only enabled the world to hear but my immediate family further realized more awareness about my PTSD and was further enlightened with my struggle to cope. Imagine if others were given the same tools to cope and have a voice that is  available at any time…… how different their lives would be and PTSDFaces.org will deliver.  

What is the core message of PTSDFaces.org

My idea with is to re-coin the definition of PTSD.  Let’s now see it as a “Purposeful Transformation to Secure your Destiny”.  As an advocator for change and PTSD survivors, we not only define the problem but inspire, motivate, and encourage these soldiers to be great.

The times of everyone being placed in a cookie cutter box and treated the same is over.  PTSDFaces.com mandates the need to offer other options.  


Why should the Government get involved with PTSDFaces.org

As the plight of these soldiers continues to spiral downhill, the time to make a change is now and the Government cannot do it alone. We must do it together and fast.  PTSDFaces.org is that engine that will foster awareness and help change the perception of how these soldiers are cared for and treated.  

How can the Government and others help?

I humbly ask that the Nation support the kick starter campaign for which we want to raise $222,220 to bring awareness to PTSD.  The funds will enable us  produce 22 PTSD Faces TV Segments that will showcase brave soldiers and their PTSD journey for the most effective public awareness. The funds will also provide resources of like-minded associations, support groups and tools for coping. The PTSDFaces.org community will collaborate in an effort to kill PTSD instead of it killing us. 

Please Visit PTSDFaces.com and PTSDFaces.org to watch videos support the initial campaign which ends August 17, 2015 and share the PTSDFaces.org cause with others.  





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