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Monday, January 24, 2022
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January 24, 2022

A Medical Intelligence Revolution
Has Your Doctor Been Framed? YOUR HELP is Needed.
Find out in the MDTV Blue and White Pages
What is MDTV Select?
Once a doctor is FRAMED, the MDTV Medical News Now communication and compliance team will research and follow up with each and every FRAMED Doctor within 15 days and determine if an invitation is warranted for your FRAMED Doctor to apply for MDTV Select Status. This is an official AMMRCA certification and MDTV Select Brand Licensing that not only confirms your belief with MDTV but demonstrates the Doctor's personal pledge to Excellence in care and Direct to Consumer Education (DTCE) in the community.



Nationwide- MDTVNews.com- We need your FEEDBACK about GREAT doctors that you know. If you know of a GREAT doctor, we need your help. Through your participation you will also help others. Here's how YOU can help today. You can simply start by "FRAMING" your Doctor (only if he/she is GREAT) onto www.MDTVNews.com . YES, It's is called "FRAMING". It's fun and exciting! Your FRAMED Doctor will receive an official notification on your behalf from MDTV Medical News Now and the American Medical Media Responsibility and Compliance Authority (AMMRCA.org).


The official notification will READ.... "YOU have been {FRAMED}". Yes, one of your patients thinks very highly of you and Framed YOU. Please go to www.MDTVNews.com as soon as possible to see what was said about YOU and YOUR SERVICES. You can find your FRAMED PROFILE by viewing the BLUE and WHITE PAGES FRAMED LINKS


This will mean to all of us that in your opinion, you truly believe and would definitely SAY THAT YOUR  Doctor is  GREAT, Compassionate, and has extended exceptional care to yourself or one of your family members".


Every doctor who is FRAMED in the MDTV Blue and White Pages can also be viewed by other MDTVNEWS.com members as well as also see your comments. The framing process includes your profile about the doctor and a "FRAMED LINK" to Doctors website, if available.



Blue and White Pages


You can use the MDTV Blue and White Pages by scrolling down to choose how  to sort through the listing of Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Devices, Procedures or any health related topics, products and services that may be of interest. The MDTV Medical News Now, Inc. communications and compliance team has created the Blue and White Pages as a FREE Service to ALL. NONE of the listings are "PAID for by any entity. All listings are FREE of charge to the public and most importantly none of the DOCTORS or healthcare professionals pay to be listed on the Blue and White Pages.


If you find a doctor by using these listings let us know, let them know, and most importantly, share with us your Patient/Doctor experience by becoming an MDTV Select Member TODAY. Your membership is also FREE and loaded with many benefits. On MDTVNews.com you can register and LOGIN for your Select Membership today.




As many believe, one of the best ways to find a GREAT doctor is through a referral from friends and family who had a GREAT experience with their doctor. Please join our family as a Select Member Today. We urge you to become part of our NATIONWIDE MEDICAL INTELLIGENCE REVOLUTION. This cause is important. All of us deserve only GREAT Doctors who qualify and meet our specific needs. Who can you really trust? The answer in your search for the greatest begins in the MDTVNews.com Blue and White Pages. For over nine years MDTV Medical News Now has operated in the spirit of patient advocacy and cares about determining for you only those doctors who truly deserve to be distinguished as Leaders and Educators. Please try the Blue and White Pages on MDTVNews.com the next time you are searching for a doctor; it's FREE.


If a FRAMED Doctor who meets the MDTV and AMMRCA standards and qualifies as MDTV Select,  elects to join the cause with MDTV by helping the community in providing Direct to Consumer Education (DTCE).  DTCE can be accomplished by FRAMED doctors participating one or more of the turnkey MDTV opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following opportunities:


·       If available, a qualified doctor may elect to guide MDTV by becoming an Editor or Executive Producer of the appropriate MDTVNews.com channel in your community.

·       If available, a qualified doctor may elect to be an author of an educational article that is contributed to the MDTVNEWS.com newswire.

·       If available, a qualified doctor may elect to air a Public Service Medical Message that airs on one of the 56 major broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, or My Network which license the LOCAL MDTV content and Medical Messages.

·       If available, a qualified doctor may elect to apply for a guest appearance on an  MDTV Medical News Now show special that may air on one of the 56 major broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, or My Network in your area.


The MDTV Medical Intelligence Revolution is the most valid plan to bring higher standards of Patient CARE and Direct to Consumer Education (DTCE) in every community NATIONWIDE. It all starts with YOU, our Family of MDTV Select Members. Please think about Membership seriously. We believe it could help you at any time and anywhere. The MDTV Blue and White Pages can be used as a valuable resource at home, in your travels, for kids at school, or anywhere, when YOU may need a DOCTOR. You can search the Blue and White Pages by 1) State 2) MDTV Select Status 3) Board Certification 4) Specialty and of course 5) The "FRAMED" Doctors... referred by YOU or your other MDTV Select Family Members. Become a member and FRAME YOUR DOCTOR TODAY. Please.

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