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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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May 24, 2022

BBNJ Select Back Pain Expert Speaks Out In Richmond Virginia on work Created Stress Relief ... OR NOT?
Is Poor Posture Making You EXHAUSTED?
Relief For You
• Relief at the Computer

• Relief in the Car

• Relief for the Eyes

• Stress Relief All Day


By Elliot Eisenberg, DC (Richmond, VA) - MDTVNews.com- You just spent all day sitting at your computer or driving the kids from one activity to the next, you are exhausted and you say to yourself, "Why am I so tired, I didn't do anything strenuous all day?" The truth is that life in a forward posture, forward- focused, car- confined, over-scheduled and time- stressed mode can be as exhausting as lifting heavy boxes all day, and sometimes even more so. The results of this type of lifestyle not only leads to back pain and neck pain but can produce stress related symptoms, including moodiness, irritability, decreased productivity, impatience with a spouse or children or just a lack of joy in your life. If this describes you, what are your options? You can numb your pain and your brain with drugs or other questionably "soothing" activities or you can improve your life by making healthier choices and experience how unhealthy behaviors impact your enjoyment of life. Listed below are some simple tips I share with my patients that can really "work". You can be happier, healthier and have more energy if you identify your exhausting behaviors and make simple but consistent changes in your daily activities and postures. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try them today....... Relief at the Computer
At the computer, sit in an upright position, elbows close to your body at a 90 degree angle, wrists supported, feet on the floor or a slant board, and avoid head tilt or head rotation when looking at the keyboard and/or monitor.

Relief in the Car
The same positioning should be used in a car seat and in both cases adjust the seat or sit on a foam wedge so that your buttocks are slightly higher than your knees.

Relief for the Eyes
Reduce eye strain by frequently changing your focus by looking at objects far away or by closing your eyes (not while driving!)

Stress Relief All Day
Take "micro breaks" Put your arms above your head and stretch out your arms and legs. Sit with your arms at your side, fingers spread and rotate your thumbs backward and try to pull your shoulder blades together. While you do the above take three or four really deep breaths (this should be done every 30-40 minutes during prolonged sitting at a computer or driving).

What would your life be like if you had more energy, less pain and an improved relationship with your situation? You can never know unless you try. When you see results (or not) please post your comments below on www.4u2c.tv.

About Elliot Eisenberg, DC
Dr Eisenberg is Clinical Director at Dominion Chiropractic Clinic in Richmond Virginia and has been since 1984. He is past President of the Richmond Chiropractic Society (1986) where they also voted him Chiropractor of the Year (1994). In addition to providing his Richmond Patients with his best non-surgical and non medicated Chiropractic Care for back pain, neck pain, stress relief and preventive health concerns, Dr Elliot is a Team Chiropractor for the University of Richmond Football Program, sits on the Board of Directors of The Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia (since 2007) and currently contributes to Direct To Consumer Education (DTCE) to the Virginia Public as a BBNJ Select Chiropractic Expert with the Better Business News Journal (BBNJ) on www.4u2c.tv . Dr Elliot invites everyone to learn and share educational stress-less news with him on www.4u2c.tv. New patient inquiries are always invited. Please post your comments below on MDTVNews.com.

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