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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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January 24, 2021

The Latest In Medical News…
Local Madison Wisconsin Back Pain Expert Speaks Out About Back Pain
Local Chiropractor David Heitmann DC, MS Joins the Cause With WMSN (FOX 47) and MDTV® To Provide Answers For Those Who Suffer from Back Pain

MADISON - MDTVNews.com - David Heitmann DC, MS of Integrated Sport and Spine Clinic of Madison in Madison, Wisconsin is a local chiropractor who educates his patients on how they can find relief when experiencing Back Pain. His expertise and dedication to educate his patients and the local community extends further as he joins forces with WMSN-TV (FOX 47) to educate the community about Back Pain via MDTV® Medical News Now.

This award winning half-hour television news program features David Heitmann DC, MS, along with Patient Profiles, Medical Moments, 30-second MDTV® Medical Messages and will be airing on WMSN-TV (FOX 47) in 2009. MDTV® is licensed on multiple local TV broadcast properties nationwide, such as WMSN in the Madison area, and offers local MDTV Select® medical professionals the opportunity to deliver true Direct-To-Consumer-Education (DTCE) to the public. Already in production, initial topics for 2009 are Prostate Cancer, Heart Disease, Dental Implants, Diabetes, Healthy Pregnancy, Anxiety Free Dentistry, Urinary Incontinence, Breast Cancer, ADD/ADHD, Asthma, Pediatric Dentistry/Braces, Teenage Dermatology, Cataracts, Medicine Management, Joint Replacement, Stroke, Facial Rejuvenation, Cosmetic Dentistry, Hair Restoration, Body Contouring, Addiction, Back Pain, Physical Therapy, Comprehensive Physical/Heart Health, Skin Cancer, Anxiety/Mental Health, Nutrition/Fitness, Infertility, Childhood Obesity, Weight Loss Programs/Planning, Weight Loss Surgery and Post Weight Loss Surgery.

"MDTV® Medical News Now, is proud to have local Chiropractic expert, David Heitmann DC, MS, grace the MDTV® stage and join the fight to improve the quality of patient care and medical communications in the Madison, WI area in 2009. We are beginning to fulfill our commitment to Madison area viewers with the teamwork of WMSN-TV and local leaders and educators like Dr. Heitmann. It's great to see these caring Madison leaders taking a unified stance to better educate the public with the latest in medical news via the MDTV® upcoming segments," says Paul G. Argen, CEO and Executive Producer of MDTV®. The public is invited to check local TV listings and trust an MDTV Select® doctor who pledges community education and leadership, first and foremost. For individual doctor or hospital participation inquiries, call WMSN direct at 1-800-985-MDTV (6388).

Dr. Heitman can be contacted at:
David Heitmann DC, MS
Integrated Sport and Spine Clinic of Madison LLC
3109 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI 53714
Ph: 608-271-8009
F: 608-243-9290

Since 1998, MDTV® Medical News Now, Inc., a patient advocacy and medical communications multimedia group, has been on a mission to improve the quality of patient care and medical communications to the public through its national brand and resourceful medical news TV programs. On the air nationwide, MDTV® Medical News Now, Inc. provides medical intelligence and education through select television broadcast stations with its award winning half-hour medical news program, Medical Moments, Patient Profiles, and 30-second MDTV® Medical Messages. Because the show features qualified MDTV Select® local experts who pledge to educate, MDTV® is a true local resource. MDTV® strives to meet its goal of improving public health by providing medical professionals with effective media communication tools based upon the principles of community leadership and Direct-To-Consumer-Education (DTCE).

MDTV® works only with doctors who qualify as MDTV Select®. MDTV® is aired on local TV broadcast media and various educational MDTV® Medical Messages are highlighted each week. MDTV® Medical News Now is more than public awareness; it is education with local leaders that instills action for better health, community by community. For more information, visit http://www.MDTVNews.com or call 877-MDTV-NOW (638-8669).

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