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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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May 24, 2022

What Can You Do As A Parent?
New Study Shows Steady Rise For ADHD In US Children
Recognize The Symptoms Early And Learn How To Treat Them Effectively
Diagnosing ADHD is a Complex Process
An ADHD Diagnosis can't be determined by a single test. Your child will need to display a large number of symptoms and exhibit problems in everyday life, at home and at school, for at least six months.
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Recognize The Symptoms Early And Learn How To Treat Them Effectively

ADHD is a very real condition and a recent government survey showed that: “One in every 10 U.S. children has been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but the steady rise in cases has started to slow”. If your child is displaying high levels of disruptive behavior that affects their everyday life it is likely they are suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Their challenging behavior will be indicative of their medical condition but, as one of the most common childhood disorders, it is treatable. 

There is no known cure for ADHD, but getting educational advice and support will help you and your child cope better with the condition. The CDC (Centres For Disease Control And Prevention) claim: "Half of children diagnosed with ADHD are diagnosed by 6 years of age". Your child will most likely be treated using a combination of recommend medication and behavioral therapy. Social occasions, school life and daily activities with a child that has ADHD will often be challenging, but they will not be able to control their behavior. In ADHD the symptoms are extreme, pervasive and continuing.

What Is ADHD?

Most children are occasionally restless, but a child with ADHD will be persistently agitated and will struggle to concentrate in any situation. The symptoms of ADHD make it hard for your child to control their instant responses in their speech, movement and concentration. Research shows that ADHD is highly genetic and brain-based, but it has nothing to do with intellect or ability. ADHD is a non-discriminatory disorder affecting people of every age, gender, IQ, religious and socio-economic background. HoweverADHD can co-exist alongside other mental health issues, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. If you suspect your child is suffering from ADHD there are a number of symptoms to look for: inattentiveness – problems concentrating, paying attention to detail, and being generally forgetful; hyperactivity – constantly fidgeting with their hands or feet, unable to sit still and be quiet, and talking excessively; and impulsiveness – blurting out answers, being easily distracted, interrupting conversations, and acting without thinking. If you feel your child is displaying these signs, then getting an assessment from your doctor is vital and will be intrinsic to their mental health.  A correct diagnosis will help to identify the triggers that lead to behavioral problems and help you to utilize effective communication methods. However, diagnosing ADHD is a complex process and can't be determined by a single test. Your child will need to display a large number of symptoms and exhibit problems in everyday life, at home and at school, for at least six months.

What Can You Do As A Parent?

Raising a child that suffers with ADHD is likely to be a struggle and common everyday issues will include: getting them to go to sleep, getting them up and ready for school on time, and getting them to listen and follow instructions. Having a strong support system in place will help you navigate the symptoms better, so make sure they enjoy a healthy diet, take part in regular exercise and keep to a regular bedtime routine. Parents of children with ADHD are often advised to plan ahead as much as possible, this way the child will know what to expect. Incentives and rewards for good behavior will work, as will making sure you maintain a positive attitude. ADHD can stand between a child and their academic success and this can often result in feelings of low self-esteem and other behavioral issues. If left untreated, ADHD will lead to problems at school and difficulty in relationships. Often success is achieved by combining medication, psychotherapy, behavioral interventions and educational support, but the correct treatment will help to reduce symptoms and improve functionality. 

ADHD will affect your child’s ability to learn, develop and get along with others, so the first step will be recognizing the signs, being aware of the symptoms and addressing the problem. Once you have identified and understood the problems your child is struggling with you can work together to find productive solutions and capitalize on their strengths. ADHD can continue into adulthood if left untreated so don’t wait for your child to simply outgrow their issues – an effective treatment program will help you and your child to understand, manage and minimize the symptoms of the condition.

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