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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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November 19, 2019

Every 15 minutes, someone in the US dies of a drug-resistant superbug
Every 15 minutes, someone in the United States dies of a superbug that has learned to outsmart even our most sophisticated antibiotics, according to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ... More Story with Video....

By the numbers: Gun deaths in America
Americans own more guns per capita than any other country, and firearms contribute to the bulk of homicides nationwide. ... More Story with Video....

Some European doctors think Chinese medicine should come with a health warning
Herbs to increase breast milk supply and heal the spleen. Traditional remedies which promise to cure insomnia and acne. Secret cancer treatments that have been ignored or suppressed by Western medicine. ... More Story with Video....

For heart disease, meds may work as well as invasive surgery, major trial shows
High-risk patients with stable heart disease may fare just as well on medications alone, versus having invasive heart operations such as stents and bypass surgeries, according to a major trial. The results were presented Saturday at the American Heart Association's yearly conference. ... More Story with Video....

Midwives, doulas could benefit births -- but not all women have access
Nandi Hill rushed to Emily Rose's home at the crack of dawn. ... More Story with Video....

Cat food sold nationwide is recalled over risks to pets and humans
A Utah company is recalling two-pound frozen bags of Quest beef cat food sold nationwide over fears it may be contaminated with salmonella. ... More Story with Video....

Don't tell 'Lucy,' but modern-day apes may be smarter than our evolutionary ancestors, scientists say
Researchers using a new method to evaluate the cognitive abilities of species stumbled across a surprising finding: Our evolutionary ancestor, Australopithecus, may have been less intelligent than modern-day great apes. ... More Story with Video....

Illiterate people are twice as likely to develop dementia, study says
Whether or not you can read and write could be a factor in your ability to stave off dementia as you grow older, according to a new study from scientists at Columbia University. ... More Story with Video....

Sure, houseplants are great. But they're not actually cleaning the air
You've probably heard people say that keeping plants in your home or office helps to make the air cleaner, but science says otherwise. ... More Story with Video....

How to stop throwing away your veggies and fruit
We all do it: buy fresh fruits and veggies with the best of intentions to gobble them down, only to open the fridge a few days (or weeks) later to discover a rotten mess. ... More Story with Video....

Asthma can turn deadly in rare cases. Here's how
The death of 13-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs is a tragic reminder of how serious asthma can be. ... More Story with Video....

A doctor is accused of performing hysterectomies and other unnecessary medical procedures on patients without their consent
A Virginia doctor has been arrested after he was accused of performing hysterectomies and other unnecessary medical procedures on patients without their consent, according to a federal affidavit. ... More Story with Video....

Using weed regularly raises the risk of heart problems for young people, studies find
Younger people with cannabis use disorder are at an increased risk of heart rhythm problems, according to a new presentation at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions. A second presentation says that young people who use weed frequently are at a higher risk for stroke. ... More Story with Video....

Your hatred of heart-healthy veggies could be genetic
If certain vegetables have always made you gag, you may be more than a picky eater. Instead, you might be what scientists call a "super-taster:" a person with a genetic predisposition to taste food differently. ... More Story with Video....

This Army veteran is helping to take the fight to lung cancer
An Army combat veteran who is facing the fight of her life has joined forces with a former NFL player to raise awareness in the battle against lung cancer. ... More Story with Video....

So-called virginity tests are unreliable, invasive and sexist. And yet they persist
The comments, as soon as they made the rounds, were met with swift condemnation: Rapper T.I. says he takes his daughter to the gynecologist after each birthday to determine if she's a virgin. ... More Story with Video....

Bill proposed by NY state senator would ban medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children
Legislation that would effectively ban "medically unnecessary" surgeries on intersex children prior to their ability to give informed consent in New York will be announced Friday by state Sen. Brad Hoylman. ... More Story with Video....

Double lung transplant needed after vaping related injury
Doctors at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit performed what they believe is the first double lung transplant in the US for a male patient whose lungs were irreparably damaged after vaping, according to the hospital. ... More Story with Video....

More vapers are making their own juice, but not without risks
Danielle Jones sits at her dining room table, studying the recipe for Nerd Lyfe (v2) vape juice. The supplies she's ordered online are arrayed before her: a plastic jug of unflavored liquid nicotine, a baking scale and bottles of artificial flavors that, combined, promise to re-create the fruity ta... More Story with Video....

Breakthrough in CDC vaping illness investigation: Vitamin E acetate linked to THC may be to blame
Vitamin E acetate, an additive sometimes used in THC and other vaping products, may be to blame for a national outbreak of e-cigarette-related lung injuries that's linked to dozens of deaths, according to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials. ... More Story with Video....

More than 130,000 pounds of ground beef recalled for possible plastic contamination
About 130,464 pounds of raw ground beef products have been recalled because they may contain plastic, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced Thursday. ... More Story with Video....

Brain scans don't lie: The minds of girls and boys are equal in math
Several studies have already debunked the myth that boys are innately better at math than girls, but those are largely based on analysis of test scores. ... More Story with Video....

Meet Belfast's 'dementia-friendly barber'
In his home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lenny White gathers up his supplies for the day: a red, white and blue striped barber pole, hair clippers and a table-top jukebox -- all the makings of a pop-up barbershop, catered to a very special group of clients. ... More Story with Video....

Seattle Children's Hospital CEO announces five more mold-related deaths since 2001
Of seven patients diagnosed with a mold-related illness between 2001 and 2014, five of them died, hospital CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring said. One patient died and five more were sickened by a mold infection in the last year. ... More Story with Video....

The man whose duvet nearly killed him: How this medical mystery was solved
When a patient reported being so short of breath he could barely walk, many physicians were stumped. It took a nosy doctor to discover the culprit: Feather Duvet Lung disease. ... More Story with Video....

New drug to fight migraine shows promise
The most common treatment against migraine is unsafe for people at risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, but a new drug against migraine has shown promise in a large-scale clinical trial, offering hope of an alternative treatment. ... More Story with Video....

Doctors offer free flu shots for migrants. CBP all but certain to say 'no'
A group of physicians has volunteered to vaccinate migrants against the flu for free, but US Customs and Border Protection is all but certain to say no to the offer. "We haven't responded, but it's not likely to happen," a CBP official told CNN. ... More Story with Video....

At least five lawsuits have been filed against e-cigarette company Juul this week for allegedly targeting minors
Lawsuits against e-cigarette maker Juul were filed this week by the states of California and New York, two Washington state counties and a school district for allegedly targeting minors. ... More Story with Video....

'Designer babies' could be just two years away, expert claims
Genetically-modified babies are "highly desirable" to help protect people from disease and could be created ethically within two years, according to a new scientific paper. ... More Story with Video....

Samoa declares state of emergency after measles deaths
Samoa has declared a state of emergency after several deaths linked to a measles outbreak, closing schools and placing restrictions on public gatherings. ... More Story with Video....

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