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Monday, September 27, 2021
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September 27, 2021

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Free MDTV Content is Offered to Hospitals and Group Practices. Customized TV Channel Featuring Local Doctors Play on All Screens
As seen on Mobile, Web and TV
RX to Hospital: Educate your patients & speak to your community with MDTV.Available on any Screen .. (in the home, by the bedside, on the web, mobile, and broadcast TV)
RX to Hospital: Educate your patients & speak to your community with MDTV.
Available on any Screen .. (in the home, by the bedside, on the web, mobile, and broadcast TV)
Herbert Feinberg, MDMDTV Co-Executive Producer2011 MDTV Expert on Teenage Dermatology
Herbert Feinberg, MD
MDTV Co-Executive Producer
2011 MDTV Expert on Teenage Dermatology
To Learn More Call

Paul G. Argen
CEO/Executive Producer

Since 1998, MDTV Medical News Now, Inc. has produced medical, health, business and lifestyle TV content that is syndicated. Over 50 TV broadcast stations, affiliates of Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, My TV or CW, purchase the MDTV content and its strong brand usage license. Each production is strategically designed so that TV stations can create a slight customization to include their local experts. This customization helps to instill LOCAL action whereby the provider or expert “speaks to their community”. Every MDTV station has the ability to augment production value by  adding their experts into specified and predefined points in the content or not. Each MDTV affiliate TV station has the option to broadcast MDTV as ½ hour TV show specials, 30 or 60 second medical messages, public service announcements or as news content. All MDTV content is broadcast quality for TV and can be virtually utilized on any screen - TV, mobile, newswires, web, etc. Each individual MDTV topic has a very high production value in that all information is explained in an easy to understand manner for every viewer.


Today MDTV, Inc., a NJ non profit company, is offering the same quality MDTV Medical News Now content that the TV stations license, along with the associated campaign components, directly to hospitals and doctors at the most affordable rates ever! Except for the purchase of any needed technology infrastructure or external media purchase, it’s FREE. What does this mean to each Hospital? Within minutes you can have a web video solution and within one week a Hospital can have their own patient education TV channel. The content can be utilized “as is” or a hospital can order their own customizations featuring their LOCAL providers of choice. In any case the broadcast quality productions can be used both internally (on bedside TV, Web TV, Waiting Areas) and externally in the market place.


There is no cost to get started

The MDTV licensing fee of the ready to air productions is FREE.

Call 1-800-985-6388 to get started today


Can the MDTV channel be customized for my hospital or group practice?

Yes, with ease - our award winning producers and EMMY award winning director will coordinate all customization for you. However, you are not obligated to do any customizations.

What is the price to customize and feature our providers on different topics?

Please call for price quote on special projects. The production and editing services are typically done in groups of 10 Doctors and 10 Topics that are derived from our available topic list on the left side (navigation bar list) on  www.MDTVNews.com .  All production and shooting must be done in groups of ten, 10 topics at a time.  You can order up to 120 topics in a year, in advance.

What Happens after Completion?

Upon completion, all segments and associated medical messages will be uploaded to your new video management platform onto a dedicated web channel for your Hospital or group practice at no additional cost. Actually, you can use any individual video on www.MDTVNow.com for FREE by simply copying the embed code onto your web site or if you want to syndicate your content,  you can elect to purchase a customized web video player that houses multiple videos.

What is the customized Web Video Player?

The customized web video player enables you to utilize the content on all your web site pages and makes it easy for you to place your content into syndication on other web sites.  The customized Video player price includes all bandwidth, full content library and you can even upload and syndicate your own videos.  For a full list of details about the customized web video player, call your local MDTV Station, check with your association for affinity discounts or call MDTV direct at 1-800-985-6388.

How Can I have my own Hospital Campus MDTV Channel?

At any time after production completion you can call us to upload any of your patient education videos into an MDTV Hyper Caster video server. This server is typically housed at your data center where the programming is easily placed as a dedicated channel into your existing lineup. Your newly branded channel can be broadcast to bedside and waiting areas. The cost for this server (including all initial uploading with up to a four channels set up) is affordable (call for quote). The MDTV Hyper Caster is set up as your own branded virtual live lineal channel. As you grow your library (with MDTV content or your own), it is easy to make moves, additions or changes of the videos on the server.

Can I Broadcast Externally on TV?

Yes. If there is NOT an affiliated TV station in your local market then MDTV will place all media through your agency for an additional 17.65% fee or if there is an affiliated TV station in your market, you can call that station direct without any additional fees due MDTV.  This agreement is only made possible because of subsidized revenue received from affiliated media entities in various local markets across the United States. Therefore, you agree not to utilize the MDTV branded assets on any competing media in any market place without the express written approval from Both MDTV and the affected local MDTV Media partner. For a complete list of markets see www.MDTVNews.com.

What else can I do with these productions?

All MDTV production and creative collaterals are designed to satisfy Hospital and group practice needs of:

1) building practice (Brand) value and goodwill to the community through Internal Patient Education or External Direct To Consumer Education (DTCE)

2) enhance and fortify professional relationships by sharing content via syndication on any screen IPTV, Mobile, and Web

At the bottom of your Agreement with MDTV, you will see our growing list of services that are in high demand. At any time after completion you can elect to engage with MDTV for your choice of these services. MDTV is a dedicated boutique group of very talented creative and technical people, who will always be ready to support your cause of internal Patient Education and external Direct to Consumer Education (DTCE®).


MDTV Credits
Patricia Stark- Anchor
Maria Villalonga- President
Jim Walsh- Director
Paul Argen- Executive Producer

Mars Corporate Center
3 Mars Court
Boonton Township, NJ 07005

MDTV is a passionate group of creative and technical people in the media, who specifically combine efforts with select medical experts. Collectively they syndicate content via advanced solutions to build hospital and group practice brand value, enhance professional relations, community goodwill, and more.


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