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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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home : public health : public health news January 17, 2018

MDTV on Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Coordination
Response Strategies and Operation Teams in Large Events
MDTV anchor Patricia Stark with experts Jim Bruncati and Kevin Sumner.
MDTV anchor Patricia Stark with experts Jim Bruncati and Kevin Sumner.

Injury or illness is more likely to occur in large gatherings. Heightened security is needed to prevent violence and maintain order.  Officials create a system of oversight, organization, and supervision incase of emergency. 


Illnesses and injuries can happen at anytime and at any place.  However, there are certain predictable occasions that almost guarantee a mishap to occur.  Large events, such as sporting events and concerts, are viable areas where anything that can go wrong has a high chance of happening.  In the form of an equation, the bigger the event plus the higher amount of people that attend leads to a higher rate of injuries or other health threats.  With all of these crises in mind, no mass gathering ever goes unchecked.  Public officials plan emergency strategies weeks (even months!) in advance in order to ensure the safety of all the people at the event. 

One of the most popular events in the world, the Super Bowl, attracts thousands of people from all over.  This high amount of people in one setting provides a host serious health risks.  Diseases spread by food, water, and air or spectator violence are some of the most common emergencies that health officials face.  In order to prevent these threats, heightened security led by emergency operation members stand in background and are ready to act if needed.  Crowd control is necessary at these large events where close contact is expected and tensions are running high.

Authorities rely on preplanning and coordination when protecting the general public at huge events.  If a crisis, such as fan violence, were to occur, emergency coordination teams act efficiently and effectively to prevent as much damage and panic as possible.  These teams use special communication, like private satellite networks, to quickly spread information to each other while avoiding excessive public awareness about the developing threat. When there is a potential for crisis, the authorities take the required steps to act on moment's notice and further ensure the safety of audiences and performers alike.

Watch MDTV to learn more about emergency preparedness.  Find out what local health officials are doing in your area to prepare for large events and preventative outbreak strategies.  MDTV is a nonprofit company that provides the public with essential disease education.  The relayed information is designed to raise awareness about current health related risks.

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