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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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March 23, 2023

Select Dentists are Featured on MDTV in 2014
Select Dental Experts for Veneers and Bonding are Needed for MDTV Broadcast Special
Featured Dentists Air Locally on Fox, CBS, CW, My TV, ABC and NBC Network Affiliate Stations in Numerous USA Markets
MDTV 2014 Broadcast Special on Veneers and Bonding with Associated Medical Messages
Select Dentists Get on MDTV
Select Dentists Get on MDTV
Expert Dentists Needed
"Not only can these local doctors service more patients and enhance their community goodwill but who knows," said Paul G Argen, MDTV Executive Producer, they might even become the next Dr Oz."

MDTV® exclusive broadcast rights were recently purchased by major television network affiliate stations in dozens of markets across the country. Select Experts are welcome to apply and participate in the MDTV Broadcast Phenomenon, including being a guest on the MDTV Veneers and Bonding Show Special and providing the community with MDTV Veneers and Bonding Medical Messages throughout the year. 

Local TV Broadcast Stations in over 25 markets are currently seeking for general dentists, cosmetic dentists, dental specialists, including dental lab experts, to participate in this public service MDTV special on veneers and bonding. "Not only can these local doctors service more patients and enhance their community goodwill but who knows," said Paul G Argen, MDTV Executive Producer, "they might even become the next Dr Oz." These MDTV Select Experts will provide insight to, and speak to common concerns of, people looking to receive trusted information about veneers or bonding procedures.

Dentists interested in participating should read the Veneers and Bonding Fact Sheet below to learn more about what will be covered and watch MDTV on Veneers and Bonding to see the special in its current form. All it needs is you!

If you can answer the expert questions below as an local Veneers and Bonding MDTV Select Expert, please contact your local ABC, NBC. ..Network affiliate MDTV station or, if there is not a listed MDTV station in your market call, Argen directly at 1-800-985-MDTV(6388).

Fact Sheet for MDTV Veneers and Bonding Show Information

TARGET MDTV SELECT® EXPERTS (in priority order)

1. Cosmetic Dentist
2. General Dentist
3. Dental Lab


• Smiling is an important tool for socializing and establishing a rapport. It implies sincerity
and kindness. It makes a first impression memorable.
• Many people are unhappy with their smile because of stained, misshapen or chipped
teeth. They become self-conscious and avoid smiling or cover up their smile.
• Cracked, chipped, decayed or short teeth can be easily repaired by bonding a resin onto
the tooth and shaping it to mimic the natural contours of the teeth. It can be done in one
visit and is less expensive than other cosmetic procedures.
• The resin is stain resistance but not stain proof. Bonding usually lasts three to ten years
depending on oral hygiene practices.
• If the goal is to address the shape of a tooth or it’s positioning, veneers may be a better fit
since they encase the tooth They can also be used for gaps between teeth or overlaps,
minor twists and in situations where whitening or bleaching is ineffective.
• Cosmetic imaging is a way the dentist can let you try on the smile to be sure it matches
your expectations and desires.
• Veneer application involves shaving down a millimeter of the tooth’s enamel to prepare
for the adhesion of the porcelain veneer. The veneer needs to mimic the tooth in
appearance and also in strength. They are insusceptible to decay but can crack, chip or
break as with natural teeth.
• Veneers are not reversible since the enamel is removed and they do not stain like natural
teeth and their lifespan depends on how well they are cared for.
• Minimal prep or “no-prep” veneers saves more of the tooth’s enamel and can be done
more quickly if your situation allows for this option.
• The communication between the dentist and the lab is enhanced with new technology.

MEDICAL MOMENT: The role of the dental lab.

These questions have been recorded in studio with MDTV Patient Advocate Anchor, Patricia Stark

1. What advancements have changed cosmetic dentistry over the last decade?
2. How do you decide whether to use bonding or veneers and do you ever combine
3. Are “No-Prep” veneers something you would recommend?

These questions are to be asked by Advertising Producer to local expert

1. How does the expertise of the dental lab come into play?
2. How long do veneers typically last?
3. How is dental imaging helpful to achieving the patient’s goal?
4. Are there any safety risks or known reactions to the porcelains, resins or adhesives
used for cosmetic dentistry?

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