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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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March 23, 2023

Select Dentists are Featured on MDTV in 2014
Select Dental Experts on Cosmetic Dentistry are Needed for MDTV Broadcast Special
Featured Dentists Air Locally on Fox, CBS, CW, My TV, ABC and NBC Network Affiliate Stations in Numerous USA Markets
MDTV 2014 Broadcast Special on Cosmetic Dentistry with Associated Medical Messages
"Not only can these local doctors service more patients and enhance their community goodwill but who knows," said Paul G Argen, MDTV Executive Producer, they might even become the next Dr Oz."

By MDTV Contributor

MDTV has partnered with major television network affiliate stations in dozens of markets across the country. Select Experts are welcome to apply and participate in the MDTV Broadcast Phenomenon, including being a guest on the MDTV Cosmetic Dentistry Show Special and providing the community with MDTV Cosmetic Dentistry Medical Messages throughout the year. 

Local TV Broadcast Stations in over 25 markets are currently seeking dentists and prosthodontists to participate in this public service MDTV special on Cosmetic Dentistry. "Not only can these local doctors service more patients and enhance their community goodwill but who knows," said Paul G Argen, MDTV Executive Producer, "they might even become the next Dr Oz." These MDTV Select Experts will provide insight to, and speak to common concerns of, people looking to receive trusted information about Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Dentists interested in participating should read the Cosmetic Dentistry Fact Sheet below to learn more about what will be covered and watch MDTV on Cosmetic Dentistry to see the special in its current form. All it needs is you!

If you can answer the expert questions below as an local Cosmetic Dentistry MDTV Select Expert, please contact your local Fox, CBS, CW, My TV, ABC and NBC Network affiliate MDTV station or, if there is not a listed MDTV station in your market call, Argen directly at 1-800-985-MDTV(6388).

Fact Sheet for Cosmetic Dentistry Show Information

TARGET MDTV SELECT® EXPERTS (in priority order) 

1. General Dentist 
2. Prosthodontist 


• According to a study done for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the attractiveness 
and overall health of your smile impacts the perceptions others have of you regarding your 
financial and career status, your personality and even your intelligence. 
• The use of porcelains and composite resins, and tools such as lasers allow the skilled cosmetic 
dentist to dramatically improve the smile in undetectable fashion, and sometimes in as little as 
one visit. 
• Teeth whitening can be done with over the counter products but for faster results with less risk to 
the gums, a visit to your dentist may be the better choice. A stronger agent is used but a buffer is 
added to protect the tooth enamel without compromising effectiveness. 
• Bonding materials can repair chipped or cracked teeth and costs much less than other methods in 
cosmetic dentistry. 
• Porcelain veneers are sometimes preferred for changing the shape of a tooth or it’s positioning. It 
involves shaving down the enamel and it is not reversible. 
• Bridges and dentures can impair the function of the remaining teeth and gums so it is ideal to 
preserve the natural teeth and promote healthy gums. 
• The right cosmetic dentist should take a somewhat holistic approach in the care they provide, 
paying equal attention to both the form and function of the smile. 
• Dental implants function as natural teeth and are essentially prosthetic teeth. 
• Improvements in dental lab productivity and precision leads to minimized surgical requirements, 
more accurately planned implant positioning and shortened healing and restorative times. 
• Gum disease and inflammation may play a role in some diseases and on the other hand, many 
health issues puts you at risk for impaired oral health. Practicing good dental care habits and 
scheduling routine dental visits are essential to optimal dental health. 

PATIENT PROFILE: Cosmetic dentistry improved this patient’s confidence and career. 

These questions have been recorded in studio with MDTV Patient Advocate Anchor, Patricia Stark 

1. What are the most exciting aspects of what cosmetic dentistry offers to today’s patients? 
2. How important is a healthy, functional smile to someone’s over-all health? 
3. What are some of the most common misconceptions you feel people have about dentistry? 

These questions are to be asked by Advertising Producer to local expert (who is not looking directly into camera) 

1. How is it possible that so many procedures that took several visits in the past now can be done in 
just a few, or even just one visit? 
2. How many visits are necessary to put veneers on, let’s say the top row of teeth? 
3. When is tooth whitening called for over use of veneers? 
4. Can you update old dental work that perhaps used wires or silver amalgam?

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