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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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March 23, 2023

Select Doctors are Featured on MDTV in 2014
Select Medical Experts on Joint Replacement are Needed for MDTV Broadcast Special
Featured Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Specialists, and More Air Locally on Fox, CBS, CW, My TV, ABC and NBC Network Affiliate Stations in Numerous USA Markets
MDTV 2014 Broadcast Special on Joint Replacement with Associated Medical Messages
"Not only can these local doctors service more patients and enhance their community goodwill but who knows," said Paul G Argen, MDTV Executive Producer, they might even become the next Dr Oz."


MDTV has partnered with major television network affiliate stations in dozens of markets across the country. Select Experts are welcome to apply and participate in the MDTV Broadcast Phenomenon, including being a guest on the MDTV Joint Replacement Show Special and providing the community with MDTV Joint Replacement Medical Messages throughout the year. 

Local TV Broadcast Stations in over 25 markets are currently seeking orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and more to participate in this public service MDTV special on Joint Replacement. "Not only can these local doctors service more patients and enhance their community goodwill but who knows," said Paul G Argen, MDTV Executive Producer, "they might even become the next Dr Oz." These MDTV Select Experts will provide insight to, and speak to common concerns of, people looking to receive trusted information about Joint Replacement. 

Orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and other joint replacement specialists interested in participating should read the Joint Replacement Fact Sheet below to learn more about what will be covered and watch MDTV on Joint Replacement to see the special in its current form. All it needs is you!

If you can answer the expert questions below as an local Joint Replacement MDTV Select Expert, please contact your local Fox, CBS, CW, My TV, ABC and NBC Network affiliate MDTV station or, if there is not a listed MDTV station in your market call, Argen directly at 1-800-985-MDTV(6388).

Fact Sheet for Joint Replacement Show Information

TARGET MDTV SELECT® EXPERTS (in priority order)

1. Orthopedic Surgeons
2. Sports Medicine
3. Rehabilitation Centers


• The degenerative changes that occur in the joints are primarily caused by osteoarthritis or
overuse injuries that cause disease or damage to the joint.
• Joint replacement patients were typically sixty years of age or older but nowadays,
younger patients are having joint replacement who are heavier and generally more active.
• Joint replacement surgeries are on the rise because of an aging population and the
growing obesity epidemic in the U.S.
• The goal of surgery is to relieve pain, restore function and improve the quality of life but
age, health and activity level of the patient need to be considered for optimal outcomes.
• Total knee replacement is more common in women than men while rates for total hip
replacement were similar between men and women.
• Advances in surgical techniques, like minimally invasive methods and computer-assisted
surgeries, expect to reduce post-operative pain, improve surgical accuracy and shorten
recovery time.
• The replacement joint known as a prosthesis may be cemented in place or not and it
typically will last ten to fifteen years.
• New materials are being researched which may be lighter and more durable for joint
replacement prosthesis.
• All surgeries have risks that should be discussed and the patient must realize their role in
optimal recovery.

MEDICAL MOMENT: How the prosthesis works.

These questions have been recorded in studio with MDTV Patient Advocate Anchor, Patricia Stark

1. What causes the breakdown of the joint and can it be reversed or prevented?
2. What other options are possible without replacing the joint?
3. What types of materials are used to make the prosthesis and is one better than the

These questions are to be asked by Advertising Producer to local expert

13. Is there any risk of the body rejecting the prosthesis or reacting to the cement?
14. Many times the damage is bilateral such as with knees. Should both joints be replaced
15. What is the typical recovery time and expectations?
16. Besides the risk of anesthesia, what other risks are possible and what percentage
actually occur?

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